Seminar in United States History

Canada and the US

“A History of Canada” with a special emphasis on Canadian-American relations, 1763 to the present.  This course will examine the emergence of Canada as a distinct country with two founding languages and cultures – French and English. Stretched along the northern border of the United States, Canadians have had to define and defend themselves against – and trade and ally with – their more powerful and populous neighbors. Examining Canada’s different political and cultural perspective on the United States can help Americans see their own nation in a revealing, new light.


The reading will be a mix of histories and historical documents, as well as contemporary press coverage of Canada.  The reading will total about 120-140 pages per week.  Each student will develop a paper linking a contemporary Canadian issue or controversy with historical evidence for its development.  The final paper will be approximately 12-15 pages, carefully edited.  Each student will also make an oral presentation, explaining that project (with appropriate powerpoint images), to the class.  There will be no mid-term or final exam. 

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