Seminar in Pre-1700 European History

Late Antiquity, AD 235-410

This new class, a discussion seminar, examines the great Roman crisis of the third century and the Roman's response to it, as well as the nature of reestablished Roman rule through the fourth century AD.  This is the great of the emperors Diocletian and Constantine, of Julian and Theodosius.  Topics to be examined include governance, warfare, the late-antique economy, religious strife, the life of cities, similarities and differences between East and West, and more general assessments of different aspects of late-antique culture.  The major work of the course will be a twenty-five page research paper, along with two oral reports (one on the research underway), as well as continued high-quality contribution to discussion.  Readings will be mainly drawn from primary sources in translation.  This class will be co-listed with HIEU 5559.

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