Roman Imperialism


(Prerequisite:  HIEU 2041, HIEU 3021, HIEU 3041, or instructor permission)

How and why did the Romans come to dominate the known world by 140 BC?  This course explores the relations between the martial tenor of Roman society, the army, war aims, and diplomacy and internal politics.  Was the Roman empire assembled intentionally or unintentionally?  Did the Romans of the Middle Republic have a foreign policy, or a strategic sense, at all?  A discussion seminar open to graduate students and advanced undergraduates.  Readings average 200 pages per week; one seven-to-ten-page paper, one ten-to-fifteen-page paper, one brief oral report, and a final. 

Undergraduates may also take this class for 4501 credit after prior discussion with the instructor.

Readings will be drawn from Livy, Polybius, and Plutarch; a selection of modern scholars, including W. Harris and A. Eckstein; and readings on Collab.

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