Roman Empire


Prerequisites for undergraduates:  HIEU 2041 OR HIEU 3041; or instructor permission


This course will examine the Principate from its founding (27 B.C.) to the beginning of the third-century crisis (A.D. 235).  It will proceed by an examination of themes and topics rather than as a narrative:  these themes and topics will include emperor and administration, local municipalities, slavery and varying gradations of freed status and citizenship, patronage, social mobility, economy, romanization, the courts, emperor-cult, and resistance to Rome.  Students are expected to write five exercises based on ancient sources; to write one five-to-seven-page paper; and to take a final exam.  Readings will be drawn from the following:

            C. Wells, The Roman Empire

            Tacitus, Annals and Histories

            Josephus, Jewish War

            Pliny, Letters

            Apuleius, Apology

            M. Goodman, The Ruling Class of Judaea.  The Origins of the Jewish

  Revolt Against Rome A.D. 66-70 (Cambridge U. P., 1987)

            R. MacMullen, Paganism in the Roman Empire (Yale)

            R. MacMullen, Romanization in the Time of Augustus (Yale)

            S. Price, Rituals and Power.  The Roman Imperial Cult in Asia

  Minor (Cambridge U.P., 1984)

and additional readings on Collab

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