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Field & Specialties

Medieval and Early Modern South Asia
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh


B.A. Wooster 1963
M.A. U.C. Berkeley 1966
Ph.D. U.C. Berkeley 1975


“Heroinism and its Weapons: Women Power Brokers in Early Modern Bhopal” in Ezra Rashkow, et al., eds.,                   Memory, Identity and the Colonial Encounter in India: Essays in Honour of  Peter Robb (London: Routledge, 2017), 179-194.


"Strategies Under Stress: Army Management and Environment in late pre-colonial Bahawalpur," in Raziuddin Aquil and Kaushik Roy, eds., Warfare, Religion, and Society in Indian History (Delhi: Manohar, 2012),  225-48.


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South India between Empires: State, Culture and Identity in Hyderabad (In progress).


(Ed.) Rethinking Early Modern India (Delhi: Manohar, 2002)


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Various Entries in Encyclopaedia of Islam3, Encyclopaedia Iranica, New Dictionary of National Biography, Encyclopaedia of Asian History.


Internet and Popular Press Publications

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Media Appearances

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Current Research

My first book concerns state formation and regional culture in North India during the eighteenth century, after the Mughal Empire fell apart and before British hegemony was extended to inland areas. My edited book assesses scholarship on 18th-century India, with interdisciplinary perspectives.  My next monograph is on Indo-Muslim civilization in Hyderabad during c. 1750-1803, the era of regional autonomy, increasing pressure from the British, and early inroads of the world economy.

Awards & Honors

American Institute of Pakistan Studies travel grants, 2015 and 2016

Faculty on Semester at Sea, Spring 2010

University of Virginia Summer Research Grant, 2009

The Lantern Society Award for Leadership in Women's Education, 2008

University of Virginia Sesquicentennial Associateship, 2008

United States Department of Education Summer Grant, 2002

University of Virginia Summer Research Grant (USEMS), 2001

N.E.H. Fellowship for University Teachers, 1998-99

Thomas Jefferson Visiting Professorship, Downing College, Cambridge University, Spr. 1999.

 National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship: Pakistan, India, UK, 1998-99

 University of Virginia Sesquicentennial Associateship, 1998-99      

  US Department of Education Summer Grant (Gender studies curriculum), 1998  

  USEMS Summer Research Grant, University of Virginia, 1996       

  Jamila Hashmi Memorial Lecture, Al-Hamra, Lahore, Pakistan, 1993          

  Fulbright Faculty Research Fellowship: Pakistan, India, U.K.,  1991-92 

   American Institute of Indian Studies Sr. Res. Fellowship (declined) 1991-92 

   American Institute of Pakistan Studies Sr. Res. Fellowship (declined) 1991-92            

   University  of  Virginia  Sesquicentennial  Associateships, 1991, 1981    

    Wilson F. Gee Summer Research Grants, 1987, '85, '79, '77, '75

    Fulbright Faculty Research Fellowship:  Pakistan, India, U.K., 1985-86                  

    American Institute of  Indian  Studies  Senior  Research  Fellowship, 1977-78 

    Fulbright Faculty Research Fellowship: India, U.K.,  1977-78              

    ACLS/SSRC South Asia Senior Research Fellowship, 1977-78 

    ACLS/SSRC South Asia Junior Research Fellowship: India, U.K., 1969-71   

     NDEA Fellowships: Hindi, Urdu, Persian, 1967-68,  S.'67, '66-'67, S.'66, '65-'66

Courses Taught

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