Katie Lantz

Field & Specialties

Early American Republic, Native America



University of Virginia. ABD. Ph.D. program in American history

Reed College, Portland, Oregon. B.A. in Religion, 2012.


Graduate Research

Late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century North America, with a focus on Native-settler relations and the creation of boundaries between nations and cultures. My dissertation, Contested Futures: Anishinaabeg and American Societies in the Great Lakes, 1790-1840, focuses on the Great Lakes borderlands during a pivotal period in the expansion of American colonialism and the containment of the British Empire in Canada. During these decades, natives and Americans offered competing narratives of Native persistence, land possession, and the future of the continent.


Grants and Fellowships

Research Fellow, International Center for Jefferson Studies, 2016-2017

Jacob M. Price Fellowship, William L. Clements Library, 2016

Bordin/Gillette Fellowship, Bentley Historical Library, 2016

Dumas Malone Fellowship, Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, 2016

AHSS Summer Research Fellowship, University of Virginia, Summer 2015



Review of Great Lakes Creoles: A French-Indian Community on the Northern Borderlands, Prairie du Chien, 1750-1860, by Lucy Eldersveld Murphy, H-Net Reviews

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