Justin McBrien


Field & Specialties

Environmental History, Modern U.S., Climate Change, Extinction Studies


University of Pennsylvania, B.A.


"Accumulating Extinction: Planetary Catastrophism in the Necrocene,” in Anthropocene or Capitalocene? Nature, History, and the Crisis of Capitalism. Edited by Jason Moore. San Francisco, CA: PM Press, 2016.   




Recent Presentations

"Geographies of the Necrocene: Nuclear Fracking and Accumulation by Extermination in Everyday Life," American Association of Geographers Annual Conference, Boston, MA April 8, 2017


Making Climate Change: The Atom Weather Controversy and the Question of Human Planetary Agency, 1945-1970,” Invited Talk, Resident Scholar Lecture, Oregon State University, December, 2015


"To Move Heaven and Earth: Nuclear Explosions, 'Inadvertent Weather Modification,' and Cold War Geoengineering Schemes, 1945-1980,” at The History Project Conference, “History of Energy and the Environment,” Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, October 2015


The Extinction of Capital: A Genealogy of Planetary Catastrophism in the Necrocene,” at the World Society Foundation International Conference, “Planetary Natures: Crisis and Sustainability in the Capitalocene and Beyond,” Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY, July 2015.

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