Elizabeth A. Meyer

T. Cary Johnson, Jr. Professor of History

(434) 924-6411

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Field & Specialties

Greek and Roman History


A.B. Yale 1979
M.A. Yale 1982
Ph.D. Yale 1988

Current Research

Greek and Roman political and social history, especially as they intersect with (or are illuminated by) law. Hence current research interests include the growth of documentary practice in Roman law and its relationship to literacy; ancient manumission; epigraphic and archival practices.


For a complete list of Elizabeth Meyer's articles and books, please see her curriculum vitae.

Most recent publications:

"Inscribing in Columns in Fifth-Century Athens," in Berti, Bolle, et al. (eds.), Writing Matters: Presenting and Perceiving Monumental Inscriptions in Antiquity and the Middle Ages. de Gruyter (2017) 205-261.

"Posts, Kurbeis, Metopes: The Origins of the Athenian 'Documentary' Stele," Hesperia 85 (2016) 323-383.

"Molossia and Epeiros," in Beck & Funke (eds.), Federalism in Greek Antiquity. Cambridge University Press (2015) 297-318.

Elizabeth Meyer's Academia.edu page: https://virginia.academia.edu/EAMeyer

Admission to the Ph.D. Program in Ancient History and further details

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