Drew Sorber

A. Macdonald Caputo Jefferson Fellow

Field & Specialties

Early Medieval and Late Antique Europe; Religious, Cultural and Intellectual history; Apocalyptic thought


M.A. in History: University of Virginia, 2015 - Thesis: Apocalypse and Martyrdom in ninth-century Cordoba.

M.Phil. in Medieval History: Magdalene College, University of Cambridge, 2012 - Thesis: Carolingian Concepts of Conversion. 

B.A. in History: Brigham Young University, 2011. 

My current research focuses on the place and function of prophets and prophecy in early medieval Europe, especially its role in the developing modes of political discourse during the long ninth century. 

I am currently working as a guest researcher at the Institute for Medieval Research, a part of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna until June 2017. 

I have completed comprehensive examinations on Early Medieval European Intellectual history, the history of Rome from its founding to the 5th century AD, and in medieval Islamic history. 


Sorber, "Prophetic Resistance to Islam in Ninth-Century Córdoba: Paulus Alvarus and the Indiculus Luminosus," Medieval Encounters (forthcoming).

Corcoran Department of History
University of Virginia
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