Students seeking information about the Department of History and its programs may consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies or any History faculty member. A list of faculty office hours is posted outside Nau Hall 323 and on the departmental website.

 A major in history informs students about the past. It also stimulates thoughtful reading, provokes clear thinking, enlivens critical capacities, and promotes good writing. Historical study provides an outstanding preparation for informed citizenship in an increasingly complex and interdependent world and a firm foundation for many career objectives. To these ends, the department encourages students to work closely with faculty to construct challenging, coherent, and integrated programs of study.

 The major program is structured flexibly to achieve breadth while permitting students to specialize in an area that is of particular interest. In consultation with their faculty adviser, students should plan a program that combines small, specialized classes with large introductory ones. Students are encouraged to explore new areas by taking courses that focus on periods and regions with which they are not familiar.

 Many history majors choose to study abroad, and faculty advisers are happy to work with students in incorporating foreign study into their major.

 The history department sponsors lectures, seminars, symposia and conferences which students are encouraged to attend.

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