Late Medieval Civilization


This course is designed for the intelligent, motivated student interested in history, society, and/or medieval Europe. The topics are organized as something of a late medieval sampler platter, providing students with both some of the greatest hits and, in culinary terms, amuse-bouches to spark interest in the Middle Ages. The selections are meant to intrigue, amuse, and delight, while still being a representative entry into European culture and society between 1200 and 1500. By the end of the course, students will come away not only with anecdotes, but a sense of the trajectory of life and society in Western Christendom, covering Daily Life, Beliefs, Interpersonal Interactions, Economics, Arts and Entertainment, and Reactions to Current Events (including wars and protests). The course is offered as a lecture class and readings will consist of monographs, articles, and primary source materials. Assessment is based on written exams, reading reflection papers, a research paper, and a final oral exam.

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