Late Archaic Greece

HIEU 2031 Ancient Greece (or equivalent) is strongly recommended as a prerequisite
This course examines the history of Greece in the late archaic age down to the end of the Persian wars (c. 650-479 BC).  The course will begin with consideration of Herodotus, our main source for this period, proceed through a set of topics on political, constitutional, social, cultural, and economic history, and end up with systematic reading and discussion of Herodotus’ account of the Persian Wars.  Neglected for the most part are religion, art and archaeology, and literature qua literature.   
This is an advanced course; it assumes familiarity with the general outlines of Greek History and institutions.  
Reading will average 250 pages/week.  Requirements will be substantial and include participation in discussion, oral reports, papers, and a final exam.  As is characteristic of 4511 seminars, the writing requirement is broken up into shorter papers:  here, the four required papers will be five-to-seven pages in length, and will each present and evaluate a scholarly controversy.  These will be circulated to the class in advance. The class fulfills the second writing requirement.

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