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New Course in United States History

Slavery and Its Legacies

"This course examines the history of slavery and its legacy at UVA and in the central Virginia region.  It aims to recover the experiences of enslaved individuals and their roles in building and maintaining the university, and to contextualize those experiences within Southern history.  The course is thus an exploration of slave and free black communities, culture and resistance, and an examination of the development of the University of Virginia.  

The course is interdisciplinary in nature, as we will draw on a wide range of fields, such as art history, architecture, and archaeology.  A major focus will be on how we know what we know:  on what archives and other repositories of historical sources hold; on how they were constructed; on what they leave out or obscure; and how scholars overcome the gaps, distortions and silences in the historical record.

The last weeks of the course will focus on 20th century UVA and Charlottesville, and on the issues of segregation and integration, reconciliation and repair; we will connect current initiatives at UVA to represent the history of slavery with initiatives at other universities.”

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Uncovering Early UVA

This seminar examines the construction and administration of the Academical Village at the University of Virginia from its founding in 1819 to ca. 1870. In particular, we will explore the social history of the early university (1825-1870)—the space where students, faculty, administrators, support staff, laborers, slaves, free blacks and a host of other local Albemarle residents lived and interacted—thereby illuminating the plantation complex at the heart of both the antebellum University and central Virginia. The focus of the seminar will be on the preparation of a 12-page research paper based upon a wide array of primary sources available in our own libraries. This will involve identifying a suitable topic, preparing a project proposal, conducting archival research, and writing and revising the research paper. 
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