How to Declare a Major in History

You should spend some time with your faculty adviser planning your program of study. You may change your mind about some courses, or you may find that courses you had hoped to take are not offered when you expected them to be. The major has sufficient flexibility to take account of necessary or desirable changes in your program of study. It is important, however, to face squarely what is involved in majoring in history.

To declare, fill out the College's Declaration of Major for the B.A. Degree and the History Major Advising Record (both forms are available outside Nau Hall 323) and bring these forms and a SIS advising transcript or  Academic Requirements Form (AR Form) to any member of the History faculty during his/her office hours. If the faculty member is able to take you on as an advisee, s/he will review and sign the forms, which should then be submitted to the Undergraduate Studies Administrative Assistant in Nau Hall 323. If s/he is unable take you on as an advisee, you may either approach another member of the faculty or see the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The DUS will review and sign these forms and assign you to an adviser.

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