History Department Faculty Comment on Race, Politics, and Memory in Light of Charlottesville Events of August 11-12

Professor Brian Balogh's nationally broadcast radio show "BackStory" covered the events in its episode "First Draft 8.18 | Charlottesville: Our Town, Our Country." He also spoke with Boston's NPR affiliate about the recent events in Charlottesville and CNN about UVa students returning for the fall semester. Listen here Shock And Outrage At University Of Virginia After White Nationalist Rally and read the article A campus healing: Ten days after the deadly violence in Charlottesville, classes begin at the University of Virginia

Professor Philip Zelikow has written a piece on domestic terrorism, unauthorized private military groups, and the recent events in Charlottesville. Read his post "The Domestic Terrorism Danger: Focus on Unauthorized Private Military Groups".

Professor Elizabeth Varon has a piece for the Washington Post about the Civil War and its memory in light of the White Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville. Read her article "No, Mr. President, both sides aren’t to blame for Charlottesville — or the Civil War".

Professor Waitman Beorn spoke with Forbes Magaine's Sarah Bond about the use of torches by the Nazi party in early twentieth century Germany and its imagery in the United States. Read the article "A Short Story of Torches and Intimidation". He was also quoted in New York Magazine.

Professor Grace Hale appeared on a recent episode of the podcast "It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders" to talk about the concept of "Whiteness" and Charlottesville history. Listen here Charlottesville and White People.

Professor John Mason has been featured in a number of news articles and blogs. Read what he has to say here: The KKK Once Gave UVa $1,000. These Professors Want the University to Admit It.Why Charlottesville?I've seen this racial denialism before – in post-apartheid South AfricaTracing The Dark Origins Of Charlottesville's KKK; #Charlottesville

Professor Justene Hill was interviewed by NPR’s Neal Conan for his new podcast “Truth, Politics and Power.” Listen here. She appears toward the podcast. 

Professor Max Edelson has created a digital map of the events. View it here.

Graduate Students Sophie Abramowitz, Eva Latterner, and Gillet Rosenblith wrote a piece for The Slate on Charlottesville city planning and Confederate commemorations. Read the article, "Tools of Displacement: How Charlottesville, Virginia’s Confederate statues helped decimate the city’s historically successful black communities."

Wes Gobar, a Fourth-Year in the History Department's Distinguished Major Program has written a piece for the Washington Post on the events of August 12 and White supremacy. Read it here, "This IS us: Charlottesville represented something distinctly American. White supremacy."

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