History and Civilization of Classical India


Approach and Focus:   South Asian history and civilization, from the Stone Age up to 1200 CE (Common Era).   No previous exposure, either to India or to history, is assumed.


Texts and Assignments: Readings are grouped topically, and subgrouped into required and suggested categories.  The following required texts are/will soon be available at  U.Va. Bookstore:


                Burjor Avari, India: the Ancient Past (London: Routledge, 2007)

                Carl Olson, The Different Paths of Buddhism: a Narrative-Historical Introduction

                McClish and Olivelle, eds. & transl., The Arthasastra: Selections from the Classic Indian

                                Work on Statecraft (Indianapolis: Hackett, 2012)

                Barbara S. Miller, tr., The Bhagavad Gita: Krishna’s Counsel in Time of War (various edns.)

                Ainslee Embree,  ed., Sources of Indian Tradition, vol. 1 (revised pb. ed., 1988 and after)


                Photocopy packet: purchase at N.K. Print & Design (denoted below as PHOCO).   You will need to go to the library’s reserve desk (4th floor east), for the wonderful, prize-winning Historical Atlas of South Asia), of which there are three copies.  Or see it on line.


Requirements:  You may choose one from among three plans:


                                Plan I                                       Plan II                                      Plan III

Mid-term    50%                    Map exercise*   20%               Map exercise*       25%

Final           50%                     Mid-term           40%               Mid-term               25%

                                                Final                  40%               10-pp. paper or in-class

                                                                                                                oral  report**          25%

                                                Final                        25%        

*See attached list of items for map exercise

**due last class day in class.    Mid-term and final are based 50-50 on lectures and readings. 

The entire class will vote on exam dates and formats.

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