Dissertations in Progress

Dissertator Dissertation Title Advisor
Asaf Almog

Between Natural Deference and Natural Rights: New England Conservatives and their Descendants, 1815-1860

Gary Gallagher
James Ambuske

“‘The Loss it Sustain’d by the Immense Drain of Men': The Imperial Politics of Scottish Emigration to Revolutionary America, 1763-1803”

Peter Onuf
Nir Avissar

"Photoactivism: Political Iconography in France, 1944-1968"

Sophie Rosenfeld
Mary Barton

"Counter-Terrorism: An International History, 1919-1937"

William Hitchcock
Meaghan Beadle

"This is What a Feminist Looks Like! Photography and Feminism, 1968-1987"

 Grace Hale
Paul Belonick

"Roman Restraint: Competition and Morals in the Roman Republic"

Elizabeth Meyer
Kathleen Berggren

“Forging a Soldier-State Social Contract: Veterans in American Politics, 1918-1973”

Wiliam Hitchcock
Leia Boudet

"The Foreign Ministry and Late Imperial Russia, 1878-1914"

Robert Geraci
Willa Brown

"Gentlemen of the Woods: Manhood, Myth and the American Lumberjack, 1860-1920"

Peter Onuf
Tom Butcher

"Sexual Spectra: Science, Nature, and Sexual Politics, 1886-1933"

Allan Megill
Swati Chawla

"Between Homelessness and Homecoming: Tibetan Nationalism and Citizenship in Late 20th Century India"

Richard Barnett
Frank Cirillo

"'The Day of Sainthood Has Passed': Abolitionists and the Golden Moment of the Civil War, 1861-1865"

Gary Gallagher
Benji Cohen

"Washington, D.C. and the Myth of Education Reform"

Claudrena Harold
Jonathan Cohen

"For a Dollar and a Dream: State Lotteries and the American Culture of Inequality, 1964-2014"

Grace Hale
Benjamin Davison

“Farm to Table: The Supermarket Industry and the Transformation of American Agriculture, 1920-1985”

Olivier Zunz
Michael De Groot

"Economic Disruption and the Transformation of the International System in the 1970s" 

William Hitchcock
Erik Erlandson

"Overseeing the American State: The Struggle to Manage Big Government and the Emergence of a Regulator-In-Chief, 1971-1984" 

Brian Balogh
Alexandra Evans

"Reagan's Middle East: The Lebanon Crisis and the Evolution of U.S. Strategy, 1981-1985"

William Hitchcock
Jason Farr

"Colonizing the Cumberland: Settler Demand, Speculator Interests, and Sovereignty in the Southwestern Frontier, 1754-1796" 

Peter Onuf
David Flaherty

"Envisioning the British Atlantic: Strategies for Settlement and Sovereignty on the North America and Caribbean Frontiers, 1700­-1763"

Max Edelson
Leif Fredrickson

"The Age of Lead: Metropolitan Change, Environmental Health, and Urban Underdevelopment in Baltimore"

Brian Balogh
Stephanie Freeman

"Looking over the Horizon: Nuclear Abolitionism and the End of the Cold War, 1979-89"

William Hitchcock
Jack Furniss

"States of the Union: The Political Center in the Civil War North"

Frank Garmon

"'The Price of Liberty': State Taxes, Wealth, and Public Finances after the American Revolution, 1783-1815"

Mark Thomas
Jesse George-Nichol

"It is for this party…to save the country”: The Constitutional Union Party and the Fate of Compromise"

Hamutal Jackobson Girshengorn

"Not Drawn to Scale: Maps and the Holocaust, 1933 to the Present"

Alon Confino
Melissa Gismondi

"The Character of a Wife: Rachel Jackson and the Search for Zion, 1760s-1820s"

Alan Taylor
Lauren Haumesser

The Party of Patriarchy: Democratic Gender Politics and the Coming of the Civil War

Elizabeth Varon
Zachary Hoffman

“The Russian Imperial Alternative: Europe, East Asia, and Popular Conservatism in the Discourse of Russian Identity, 1894-1911”

Robert Geraci
James Hrdlicka

"War and Constitution-Making in Revolutionary Massachusetts, 1754-88"

Peter Onuf
Kimberly Hursh

"Eternal Risks: Catholic Commercial Culture in Spanish America, 1550-1750"

Brian Owensby
Rachael Givens Johnson

Conquered by Words or Taught by Senses: Enlightened Piety and Baroque Catholicism in the Eighteenth-century Iberian World

Brian Owensby
Elizabeth Klaczynski

"A Culture of the Heart: Animals and the Limits of Cruelty in the British Atlantic" 

Peter Onuf
Matthew Liese

"Iron, Mining, and Development: Labor, Unions, the Environment, and Social Conflict in Marcona Peru, 1968 to the Present"

Thomas Klubock
Shane Lin

"Kingdom of Code: Cryptography and the New Privacy" 

Brian Balogh
Nicholas Lindberg

"Tyrants, Citizens, and Kings: the Nature of One-Man Rule in the Hellenistic City"

Ted Lendon
Cecilia Marquez

"The Strange Career of Juan Crow: Latino/as, African Americans, and the Making of the U.S. South, 1940-2000"

Grace Hale
Lauren Marshall

"Rewriting Empire: The South African War, The English Popular Press, and Early Edwardian Imperial Reform"

Stephen Schuker
Justin McBrien

"Making the World Safe for Disaster: Cold War Science and the Globalization of Catastrophe, 1945-1970"

Andrew McGee

"Mainframing America: Computers, Systems, and the Transformation of US Policy and Society, 1940-­85"

Brian Balogh
Scott Miller

"A Merchant's Republic: Independence, Depression, and the Development of American Capitalism, 1783-1807"

Mark Thomas
Harold Mock

"Dangerous Power: An International History of German Unification, 1969-1993"

Stephen Schuker
Shannon Nix

"'The Soul of Our Foreign Policy': Human Rights Politics, U.S. Policy, and the Transnational Struggle for Central America, 1976-1984"

Philip Zelikow
Gillet Rosenblith "'To Lose Your Housing is Double Jeopardy': Public Housing in the United States, 1967-1997" Grace Hale
Emily Senefeld

"The Cultural Programs of the Highlander Folk School, 1932-­1964"

Grace Hale
David Smith

"The Way of the Churches: Ecclesiology, History, and Identity in Provincial New England"

Andrew Sorber

"To Avoid Future Peril: Signs, Portents and Prophecy in the Carolingian World, c. 750-900"

Paul Kershaw
Joseph Thompson

"Sounding Southern: Music, Militarism, and the Making of the Sunbelt, 1954-1994"

Grace Hale


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