Course Description

United States History

HIUS 3456

History of U.S. Foreign Relations Since 1914

Spring 2016

This course will examine the role of the United States in the international arena from World War I to the present.  In my lectures, I will examine the motivations, objectives, and tactics of U.S. policymakers.  The course will focus on America's embroilment in two world wars; its Cold War struggle with the Soviet Union; its responses to revolutionary movements abroad; its intervention in Vietnam; its role as hegemon in the international economic system; and its struggle against terrorism and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There will be two lectures each week and a discussion section. There will be two or three take-home writing assignments of 5-10 pages.  I may ask for weekly reflections on the readings or give quizzes. Readings will average about 150-225 pages a week.  There will be a textbook, weekly primary documents on UVA collab, and five or six monographs. This will not fulfill the second writing requirement.

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