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European History

HIEU 3342

Society and Sexes in Europe Since 1700

Spring 2016

This course, by focusing on the category of gender, explores how constructions of sexual difference were translated into norms of behavior for European women and men and how these constructions, norms, and practices changed from the 18th to the 21st centuries. We will analyze how different ideologies of gender arose and functioned. The course will focus on several themes that help to discern the dynamics of gender relations in modern Europe. Beginning with the Enlightenment, we will explore changing rights for women and sexual minorities, considering the ways that gender and sex have been perceived and how that has influenced opportunities of political, societal, and cultural participation. We will explore the gendered aspects of politics, religion, work, family, health, and culture and the role gender played as these institutions underwent major historical changes. This seminar will be conducted in discussion style with group activities, and active participation of every attendee will be expected. Assessment will be based on active participation in class, weekly response papers or quizzes, and a final project.

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