Course Description

European History

HIEU 3211

Medieval and Renaissance Italy

Spring 2016
The object of this course is to investigate the social, political and cultural history of Italy during the Renaissance.  We will begin by considering the social and economic foundations of the flowering of art and literature that we know today as the Italian Renaissance.  The majority of our class will concentrate on humanistic, artistic, and scientific developments during this period of Italian history.  We will close with an assessment of the end of Italy’s cultural dominance and the legacy of the Renaissance in early modern history and modern life.  We will emphasize the relationship of art and literature to social and political cultures in which it was produced.  Patronage, artistic revolutions, and the rise of the Medici are all topics that we will discuss to understand how and why the Renaissance flourished in Italy as it did nowhere else.
1 Midterm Exam, 1 Final Exam, 1 Paper, 1 Joint Project and Presentation

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