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East Asian History

HIEA 2101

Korea, 1870's-2015

Fall 2015

In HIEA 2101 we shall focus on social, cultural, political, economic, and intellectual developments on the Korean peninsula from the late 19th century into the second decade of the 21st century.  We shall trace those developments as they unfolded through the final decades of the Joseon (Choson) Period (i.e., the Yi Dynasty, 1392-1910); the period of Japanese colonial rule (1910-1945); liberation, division, and war (1945-1953); the similar then divergent routes followed in the north and the south in the aftermath of the armistice in 1953; relations between the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; and prospects for reunification.

Reading material will include excerpts from such books as The Making of Modern Korea; Korea: A Religious History; Sources of Korean Tradition; Creative Women of Korea; Bipolar Orders: The Two Koreas since 1989; Inter-Korean Relations: Problems and Prospects; The Real North Korea; and Protestantism and Politics in Korea; and articles from The Journal of Korean Studies and other journals. 

The course grade will be based on two take-home examinations in the form of two 2-3 page essays on topics chosen from a list provided by the instructor (25% each), and two one-hour quizzes (25% each).

HIEA 2101 will meet on Thursday afternoon, 3:30-6:00.   Each class will include at least one 10-15 minute break.  The length of the break(s) will depend on the amount of material to be covered on a given day.

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