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European History

HIEU 2071

Early Modern Europe and the World, 1550-1815

Fall 2015

This course will be offered by Prof. Rosemary Lee, who will be joining us in the fall.

This course will survey the cultural, intellectual, political, and socio-economic history of Europe from the Reformation to the height of the Napoleonic Empire. Particular emphasis will be placed on the increasing engagement of Europe and Europeans with other parts of the world, including North and South America, West Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Major topics will include the rise of global trade and colonial empires, the migration of peoples, the institution of slavery, the impact of the new science, the discovery of the diversity of cultures and Enlightenment universalism, the rise of new religious movements, warfare and international competition, the emergence of the idea of human rights, and the global age of revolutions. Readings will include many primary sources, including several novels. Class requirements will be a midterm, a final, two short papers, and active participation in weekly discussions of readings.

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