Course Description

Latin American History

HILA 4501

Seminar in Latin American History

"United States-Latin American Relations"
Fall 2015

This research seminar examines the history of Latin America-U.S. relations. We will ask basic questions about the logic of U.S. foreign policy in Latin America.  What drives U.S. foreign policy in the region? Moral, ethical, or religious concerns?  Economics?  National security imperatives?  Can U.S. actions in Latin America be understood as imperialism or "neocolonialism?"  What was the impact of the Cold War on Latin America?  What has been the impact of the more recent U.S.-led “drug wars?”  We will also ask questions related to social and cultural history, focusing on places of encounter between Latin Americans and North Americans, and the paths of migration that lead northward into cities, towns, and rural districts throughout the United States.   The second half of the semester students will write 20-page research papers based on original research in primary sources.

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