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General History

HIST 5130

Global Legal History

Fall 2018

This course considers European legal regimes as they moved around the globe. It examines those regimes’ interactions with one another and with non-European legal cultures from roughly 1500 to the twentieth century. Themes include: empire formation; conflicting ideas of property; interaction of settler and indigenous peoples; the law of nations and the law of war; and piracy and the law of the sea. Readings may include works by early modern legal thinkers such as Vitoria, Grotius, and Vattel. We will also discuss modern scholarship: e.g. Stuart Banner, Possessing the Pacific; Lauren Benton, A Search for Sovereignty; and Lisa Ford, Settler Sovereignty. We will also read some shorter works concerned with legal history methods. The course will have multiple short writing assignments and a take-home exam. Undergraduates may take this course only by instructor permission.

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