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South Asian History

HISA 4501

Seminar in South Asia

Religion and Politics in SouthAsia
Fall 2017

Religion and politics have been closely entwined in South Asian history and politics. Beginning with debates on Hindu-Muslim coexistence since the 13th century and continuing to present-day debates on secularism and communalism in crafting South Asia's democratic constitutions, this course will cover a huge swath of exciting material. Students may write their 20-page research papers on any related topic.


There will be no textbooks for the course. About 200 pages of reading will be posted on collab every week. Course requirements include attendance and active participation in discussions (20%); weekly one-page position papers (20%); a short essay of 10 pages (20%) and a final essay of 20 pages (40%). This course fulfills the second writing requirement.

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