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European History

HIEU 2559

New Course in European History

Nationalism in Europe
Spring 2017

This course explores the meaning of nationalism in Europe, from the UK’s Acts of Union in 1707 to the EU's crisis today. We will consider the development of modern nation-states; unification movements in the nineteenth century; nationalist fervor and the collapse of empires; minority rights and ethnic expulsions in the twentieth century; the rise of the European Union and the rebirth of separatism in the present day. By drawing on both primary and secondary sources, we will try to understand how the nation became the preeminent political form of modern Europe, and how it may continue to shape the continent in the future. 

Readings average about 100 pages a week. Assignments include an in-class midterm exam, an in-class final exam, and two 4-6 page papers. We will divide our time in class between lecture and discussion.     

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