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United States History

HIUS 2559

New Course in United States History

American Slavery
Spring 2017

Over four hundred years, twelve million Africans were forcibly transported to the Americas.  Enslaved Africans lived, labored, and died in various regions of the Atlantic world, from Brazil to Barbados, Saint Domingue to Saint Croix.  In this course, students will explore how slavery developed in one region of the Atlantic world, a small group of British colonies that would become the United States of America.  Broadly, students will be introduced to the history of slavery and emancipation in the United States.  Specifically, students will examine the ways in which slavery as an economic, legal, and social institution influenced the lived experiences of people involved, both directly and tangentially, in slavery’s growth and its ultimate contentious demise.  During the semester, we will discuss a variety of topics, including, but not limited to:  the creation of the African Atlantic world, the politics of the American Colonization Society, motherhood in slavery, and the literature of runaway slaves. 

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