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Middle Eastern History

HIME 5053

Slavery in the Middle East and Ottoman Empire

Spring 2017

This course explores the practice of slavery in its various forms in the Middle East and North Africa, from pre-Islamic times through the abolition of the slave trade in the late nineteenth-century Ottoman Empire, and considers its impact on the political, military, social, and economic histories of the wider region. Topics include: the sources of slaves and the slave trade; the social and economic functions of slavery; law and slavery; manumission practices; the slave-soldier phenomenon; captivity and ransom; questions of religion, gender and race; imperialism and the movement towards abolition.

This discussion-based class is open to graduate students and advanced undergraduates who have taken at least one HIME course previously. Weekly readings—mostly scholarly books and articles—will average 150-200 pages. Evaluation is based on participation, weekly response papers, and a final research paper.

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