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African History

HIAF 1501

Introductory Seminar in African History

"Oceans Apart, Worlds Together: The History of the African Atlantic"

This course will be offered by Professor Christina Mobley.

Three out of every four migrants across the Atlantic Ocean were from Africa before 1800. In this course, we will explore the social and cultural implications of that statistic by examining first-hand accounts of historical actors, works of fiction and film, art and material culture, religion and analyses by scholars. We will begin in Africa before following Africans to the Americas, moving roughly chronologically from the early modern period to the present day.

This course introduces students to academic research and writing.

Course discussions and assignments are geared toward developing skills of critical thinking, reading and writing. As such, there are no examinations. Evaluation will be based on class participation and a series of writing assignments culminating in a final paper. The major assignment for the course is a 15-page research paper that students will write on a topic chosen in discussion with the professor. Students will be guided through the research and writing process. No previous knowledge of the history of Africa or African diaspora is required.

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