The American War

A History of the Civil War Era
December, 2015
Flip Learning
(From the publisher's listing):
“Gallagher and Waugh do a wonderful job of explaining the main facts that shaped the war years and their aftermath,” writes J. Matthew Gallman, Professor of History at the University of Florida. “The authors manage to do justice to individual experiences and national goals in both the Union and the Confederacy, consider military strategies and battlefield tactics throughout the entire geographic landscape, and contemplate the war through the eyes of celebrated leaders, anonymous citizen soldiers, and a diversity of civilians – both white and black.” In addition to a variety of chapters that examine the political and military struggles between the Union and Confederacy, the authors also devote separate chapters to the concept of the citizen-soldier, wartime gender roles, the process of emancipation, and the public memory of the conflict.
"The difference between Flip Learning’s print and interactive versions of The American War can best be summarized by the distinction between “reading” and “doing” history. The print version provides students, general readers, and teachers with a condensed, accessible, and compelling written overview of the Civil War and Reconstruction periods, while the interactive version uses that written narrative as a prompt for deeper interaction and debate through an immersive role-playing experience."

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