Карл Маркс (Karl Marx)

Бремя разума (The Time of Reason)
January, 2011
Moscow: KANON+

This book is a version, intended for a Russian scholarly audience, of Megill's 2002 book Karl Marx: The Burden of Reason (Why Marx Rejected Politics and the Market) (Lanham MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2002). In Карл Маркс: Бремя разума, which is based on an English-language text that Megill condensed to half the length of the original book, Megill focuses on offering the essence of the book’s argument, reducing the heavy documentation and the exploration of sub-sub-arguments present in the original version. Megill’s basic claim is that Marx excluded politics and the market from his vision of the future socialist society mainly because he was committed to a conception of rationality that had predictivity as one of its governing criteria—and clearly, neither the movement of politics nor the movement of market prices is subject to reliable prediction.

Megill has added, to this edition, citations to the Russian-language Маркс-Енгельс Сочинения, paralleling his references to the two standard original-language editions of Marx’s and Engels’s works in the 2002 book. He also includes a “Preface to the Russian Reader.” The translator, the philosopher Marina Kukartseva, who was a Fulbright scholar in the Corcoran Department of History several years ago, includes a short introductory essay, “Historical Epistemology in A. Megill’s Book, Карл Маркс: Бремя Разума.”  

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